The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Monday, November 25, 2013

Really, seriously, I mean come on!

First some unknown person tries to get into my house last week, which led to mass trauma for me and my children, then the same night someone calls the cops on my dog, then we get told Tyson won't be getting the raise he was promised, and today he got his hours cut from 20 a week to "as necessary, and nothing more" at least till after the holiday's and who the heck knows when after that, and that was supposed to be the secure job! That's pretty much losing 800 bucks a month out of the 1600-1800 or so we average. Can I just quit? Really, this same type of thing has happened every holiday season for the last 3 years. We barely make it as it is, most of the holiday hiring has already been done, and now we are screwed. We have very little savings (hard to build up a savings account when you are living on next to nothing) and I was so proud of how little debt we gained this year and pretty sure that just went right out the window. I mean seriously what is the freaking point? When will my husband ever catch a break. Seriously the guy apologizes to me weekly if not more often for his horrible luck, and I don't know what to tell him. My older brother is on an all expenses paid trip basically to Singapore with his wife for her birthday and I haven't a clue how I'm even going to make my house payment next month. I'm getting so freaking sick of this! I don't know what to do.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Having a baby does not mean you have to stay locked up for months!

To preface, I'm in a twin mom group and I swear I do things different than about 90% or more of them and I swear my life is easier and less frustrating for it, that or my kids are unlike any other children, anywhere, ever!

Now, I like church, more than that I NEED church. I thoroughly believe that I would be insane without it and so many of these women seem to believe that having a baby (or 2 babies) means they don't need church for anywhere from 3 months to a year! I call bs! The thing is so many of these women that believe they are, and I quote, "Having the hardest time of my life!" To which I think to myself, gee, maybe it's because you need the support of the Lord! I believe that he makes things easier and if I'm not doing my part by being there, doing as he asks, and renewing my covenants he is no longer obligated to do his part, making my burden light, etc.

Today I was told I was extremely lucky that my kids haven't gotten sick when I've taken them to church as infants, I 100% disagree, I think I've been blessed for being where I'm supposed to be and also for not being a complete idiot. It's very possible to take your kids to church and keep them covered or not allow other people to touch them. I also nurse and that has proven benefits to help with immunity. I know there are guidelines such as not taking them out in a crowd, this I also think is ridiculous request, tell me where you can go that there isn't a crowd please. I still have to go to the store, if my kids are in school, well I've made the baby just as susceptible if I've allowed a sibling to go to school where there is illness. I mean really unless you are going to lock yourself and your entire family up for a year (husband included, he could get sick at work) or however long you deem necessary, you have no excuse to not be at church! Women have been having babies forever, and very few of them ever had the ability to lock themselves up for a year, and yet we are still here.

Addendum: I have a husband who works at least every other Sunday, I have taken 2 or 3 (ages 3 and under) kids, since birth, by myself more often than not, to church, I don't see the lack of help as an excuse for me to skip church (unless sickness is running rampant in my household, which fyi, happens very rarely, I immunize, and I don't have a great fear of germs, I want my kids to build up immunity), so to borrow a phrase that's pissing women off lately, what's your excuse? If you have 8 or more kids you are exempt from explaining yourself, that's a lot to do on your own, and if you do, more power to you!

Addendum 2: If you refuse to immunize your children please keep them away from mine, I will not knowing allow my children to be around yours. This goes along with me not being an idiot.