The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

38 weeks and counting...

I've officially been pregnant a month longer than last time and I swear it's never going to end. Actually I do have a C-section scheduled for March 18th, but it's totally cancelable. I think I'd be madder at myself if I didn't at least try for the VBAC, anyways we shall see. Right now I feel like I'm just sitting in a waiting pattern and my baby is too darn comfy to do anything about it. In the meantime I'm trying to come up with projects to occupy my mind (it's hard to do that when you have very little cash, but I've got a lot of fabric and I've got to do something) right now I'm making ties for my little guys for easter, and we got most of the stuff we'll need for Easter, still have to get the swing set though (thank you tax refund). I'm trying to get as ready as I can, the last thing I want to do is have baby and then be insanely busy trying to catch up on things I should have done to prepare. I still need to go get an exta box of diapers for the boys, and maybe an extra one for Charlotte too.

Tyson is also working a lot right now, which I totally appreciate, but I miss him too. I'm so bored out of my mind waiting for this kid, or the weather to warm up that all I want to do is cuddle up with my hubby.

On the sadder side of things, my Grandpa (for which Charlotte is named) passed away last week. I so wanted him to meet my little girl, but he's definitely better off, he was 92 years old and his body was just giving out. My grandpa was an amazing person, his nickname was "Cheerful Charlie" and he exemplified that everyday. Whenever asked how he was his answer was always the same, "Good and getting better every day." He was an amazing musician and I loved to just sit and listen to him play one of his many instruments or sing for us. I'll miss you grandpa! On the plus side, my brother and his family were able to come up for the funeral and I got to spend some time with them and my boys just loved seeing their cousins and playing with them. It was great to spend time with all my family.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

4.5 weeks to go.

I'm 35 and a half weeks pregnant. A week longer than we made it last time and it feels like freaking forever! I know 2 people that are due within 2 days of me on either direction, but they are planning C-sections, so they already know when their little girls are going to be here, unless they show up early. It just feels SO unfair! That said, I'm really hoping my little one is head down and we are good for a VBAC. I'm silly, but I really want to experience birth the way it is in my head, or at least partially the way it is in my head, meaning no emergency C section and actually getting to hold my baby after she's born. Not having to wait a day and have her hooked up to a million machines.

I've also finally gotten a little crafty, today I made a carseat cover (and it's totally purple, because I'm a purple kind of gal) and I made a little purple and white tutu for her to wear for pictures. I'm still planning on making a blanket for her, nothing fancy, flannel, purple with little stars and then my mom's going to help me make a slip to put under her blessing dress. The dress was mine and my Grandma had crochetted it for me, I'm so excited to put it on my little girl and have a whole generational thing going on. I'm a sucker for tradition. We also finally got the nursery put together. (Well as much of it's that's going to happen anyways. I had this desire to paint all the furniture so it matched, totally didn't happen I'm blaming the snow and winter related illnesses rather than my laziness.) Anyways, now it's just a waiting game.

Oh, and on the Tyson side of things, he's still working his behind off, we've heard somethings in job related areas, but I want to see what comes of that before I say to much, he's still looking for something, but we've at least heard some things now. He's also been approved for graduation, I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Lastly the boys are good, been sick on and off, but good, happy and I think they are excited to meet their sister, as much as they understand it anyways. :)