The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ok, in reality I've been one off and on for 3 years, but this is the first year I've really started to feel about it the way I wanted to. I finally canned my own peaches this year, first time since we've lived her, my mil did them every other year, first year we were in the midst of getting married, then the next year we had brand new baby twins, the next year our house was under major construction, last year I had to go back to work part time and it just didn't happen, this year I did it! I canned all my own peaches and made a bunch of jam, raspberry peach and strawberry peach, it's fabulous. I've even made fresh bread a few times. This week I've done grape juice and I'm dehydrating plums as we speak.

I'm also learning how to quilt, I took a sewing class in 8th grade and I've been capable of some small projects. This year I'm pushing it and making blankets for Christmas for my kids and I'm learning to quilt in the process, for Charlotte's at least, I've always wanted to do it and it's finally happening, I'm so excited.

I'm doing a homeschool preschool for my boys, nothing all that fancy, it's based on a letter of the week, we are having fun and the boys look forward to it. We've made animal letters and projects that have to do with the letter, and usually have some sort of snack with the letter of the week, today's was Eclairs, (that's what happens when mommy's a chef).

Lastly I've recently learned how to index names for I'm averaging 100 names a day and I've already done over 1000, it's kind of addicting and I figure it's a better use of my time than being on facebook all day.

Now if Tyson could get a full time, good job we'd be fabulous, but I'm good now and I really am loving getting to spend my days with my kids.