The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

Good All Around

So on the 16th I gave notice, my last day of work will be November 14th! I have 8 working days left, sometimes I wish I could get it over and done with, but it will be good as long as I can work my regular schedule for the next 3 weeks. I'm so glad October is just about done because my work schedule was nuts!

Tyson's job is going great, he really seems to like it. He get's about 16 hrs at the school and can do more at home and his hours are going to start going up at Famous, so it's really starting to look like everything is working out. I really need to have more faith. I feel like I keep going though this same trial. Everytime I think we are about to be totally screwed something works out, I'm hoping this time it really sticks, because I'm getting sick of it! :)

On the fun side of things, I finally got my act together and made my boys Halloween costumes, (they are buns, because mommy has a "bun in the oven", I made one for my shirt too with a little bow on it.) It's probably the only year I'll get away with it, I'm sure next year they will really want a say in what they are. I also made some Amish Friendship Bread, which is one of my favorites, but man it's such a pain just because it's a 10 day process. Saturday we went to our twin group Halloween party, followed by the Halloween train in Heber, then back home, Tyson had to go to work, then my parents came over for dinner, then lastly the ward Halloween party and Trunk or Treat. It's been fun the last month or so because the boys are really starting to understand and get excited about holidays, they loved saying, "Trick or Treat," and they made me really proud that almost everytime they said "Thank You."

So anyways, things are improving and you can probably tell because I think these posts are definitely getting more upbeat.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally, some good news!

We went to Shriner's today, my son Jackson was born with clubbed feet, so we've been doing this for just over 2 years now and they told us 1 more and we should be done! They said his feet look perfect and they got a kick out of watching the boys play together, they also gave the boys pumpkins which absolutely thrilled my little men who are just infatuated with Halloween. We also went to Bruges, which is this tiny little hole in the wall place that has the most amazing waffles (leige) on the planet, it's part of our Shriner's tradition.

After that I went to a funeral (not the best part of the day) it was very nice and I will miss Tex, (my uncle's father, not my grandpa) I honestly can't remember ever seeing him without a smile on his face.

After that I got to hang out with my mom and my boys a little bit while Tyson was at school. We had fun and my boys just love their grandma! Tyson got called in early to work (which I'm a little sad about, I really wanted to have dinner with him, but we desperately need the money, so ultimately I'm grateful). While on his way to work he got a call about an interview last week and got told he got the job! I don't know too many details, but it's at UVU, which is where my hubby is half the day anyways and actually after some training time and stuff they said he could probably do it from home. It's part-time, which is kind of what we've been looking for, his other job is in the evenings, so he should be able to do this earlier in the day and get everything done. Also this should allow me to come home! I told my boss last week I really wasn't planning on being there past November. I had put off saying something for a really long time, I just never felt timing was right, then all of the sudden it felt ok to put it out there. I'm so very excited. Really we are hoping for something a little more permanent, but I if we can just make it to the end of the year, well really till we get our taxes, we will be good for a while longer and I'm starting to feel much better about things. Yay! it's about time!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


- We are having a girl! Can't wait to meet you Charlotte!
- We actually grew our own pumpkins this year, I have 3, granted I'm still gonna have to buy one to carve, whatevs
- Tyson's still looking for extra/new work, we are saying lots of prayers
- Still can't wait to get away from my job. Might have to do with being accused of being a thief because we ran out of pizza 1 night last week, first time ever (my immediate supervisor told them they were nuts, which they were/are)
- After tomorrow I get a 7 day weekend, with a UVMOM's night thrown in there somewhere, and if I'm really productive maybe I'll get my kids halloween costumes made
- After 7 day weekend I'm gonna not have a fun 8 days, but oh well
- My TV shows are back, yay! I know, I'm totally pathetic, but really I have very little to look forward to lately
- General Conference this weekend, I'm in desperate need of some inspiration, bring it on!