The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Thursday, July 25, 2013

So it's been a while...

I was doing so good at updating and then life with a newborn happened. I forgot how fast it all goes, so here's the update.

Tyson- Graduated from UVU with a BS in Communications with an Emphasis in Journalism. He's working part time at UVU in their Career Development Center and as an Assistant Manager at Famous Footwear. We are praying the UVU one turns into something full time, but are still avidly trying to find something fulltime somewhere.

Me-Busy being a stay at home mommy of 3. We almost donated some of my already frozen eggs only to have tests done and find out it's amazing I'm not experiencing symptoms of menopause at 28 years old and I'll probably need those eggs, also we'll probably be trying for #4 a lot sooner than planned.

Jackson-Doing well and is irrationally afraid of splash pads, but every time we leave he tells me he had so much fun, so I guess that is a plus. We have an appointment in July to see his feet specialist and are hoping to be done, Shriner's we love you, but also can't wait to not have to see you anymore.

Jameson- Loves water and loves Charlotte like there is no tomorrow. Is healthy and growing and just loving life. Loves to make messes with his brother and incessantly wants to wash his hand, but won't give up playing in the dirt.

Charlotte- She's huge! at least to me. Nurses great, loves her big brothers and sleeps very well. I just wish she'd take a bottle, I feel far more trapped with my single baby than I ever did with my twins. I wouldn't give it up for anything its just odd to literally have her with me everywhere, except the temple that is.

Apparently, I wrote this one too and forgot about it, so double post, and I'm sure there is some redundancy, but oh well.

So I had a baby, and turned into a slacker

So here is the rundown...
- We blessed Charlotte May 5, it was wonderful and we were so lucky to have so many people come out to support us. We did a waffle bar for the "party" afterwards and it was a big hit.
- My 28th birthday was in June and Tyson got me a patio set, that I'm in love with. We also had a big bbq with lots of friends and family and we did a s'mores bar, I LOVE s'mores and it was fun to have so many different kinds. Tyson also took me to the Drive-in movies, we've been trying to go to one since we started dating and he finally pulled it off, he also arranged for us to stay at my friends house that night and then we got to go to the Bountiful temple the next day, and we went on a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates. He spoiled me good!
-We visited 7 peaks a few times and several parks and splash pads, Jackson is still terrified of any body of water that isn't his bathtub, but every time we leave he tells me he had so much fun swimming, whatever you say Jack!
- I was asked to be an egg donor (I already had the eggs harvested, they are on ice, so to speak), and we had every intention of doing it (there were a lot of prayers and blessings involved in coming to that decision) until we got some test results back that were pretty crappy, needless to say we didn't do it and we'll probably be trying for another baby as soon as Charlotte is 6-9 months old, I really don't have a lot of time.
- July brought my boys 3rd birthday. It was so fun, we had a carnival, with all the fun foods (Cotton Candy, popcorn, peanuts, corndogs, and funnel cakes), and games for the kids. The boys got tricycles and a sandbox. I took some toy dinosaurs and covered them in a dirt/flour combo so they looked like rocks. The boys had so much fun breaking open their rocks and finding their dinosaurs.
- We have to leave Jackson's shoes on until he's 4, or refuses to wear them anymore, I cried my eyes out, at first they told us it was more like 3, but the recurrence rate for stopping at 3 scares me to much to quit now. If it does come back he's likely have to have surgery and I'd feel like crap if I could have stopped him through going through that and I didn't. It's much more involved that the first one he had.
I think that covers pretty much everything...