The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Monday, January 6, 2014

Well, we've survived

We survived the holidays, pretty much everyone was sick, but not so much we couldn't enjoy our visit to my brother's house. We had a fun vacation, the 49er's won and my food tour was so much fun! For the first time I actually really enjoyed Thai food, I also discovered balsamic vinegar, at least the ones we were eating, goes great with vanilla ice cream. The biggest surprise and plus was that despite our lack of income we were still able to pay for almost all of it with cash and we are still going to make it past this month, after that we'll have a tax refund and I'll feel a little better, though there are so many places I could/need to put that.

Tyson is applying for every job on the planet (or at least in Utah and a few outside of it) we'll see how that goes, I just keep praying we'll find "the job" but as has been our luck it's usually just a job to get us by, but at this point I'll happily take that as well. He has a publisher who wants to publish his book under subsidy, so we are trying to figure out how to do that.

Charlotte is getting bigger and learning more everyday, she's such a happy baby and I'm so lucky to be her mother. She loves to be held, unfortunately she prefers I'm standing while doing so and my back isn't a big fan of that. She has 2 full teeth and has 4 actively coming in right now.

Jackson and Jameson both had surgery last week to correct hernia's and hydrocele's. Jameson's hernia was on the left and Jackson's was on the right. They are recovering really well, I wish I recovered as easily as they do. They are still having a few sleeping issues from our lovely ordeal in November, but for the most part are doing well. They loved our trip to Arizona and spending time with their cousins, they keep asking me, almost daily, when we are going back to Arizona. I wish I knew the answer to that one.

I'm keeping busy with the kids, I learned how to quilt this last fall and made blankets for Charlotte and Tyson for Christmas and finally put together a family cookbook. I joined a book club, so at least I'm getting some reading in again that is fun for me. I'm greatly looking forward to life slowing down a bit after the holiday's and being able to have people over for dinner again, that is one of my favorite things to do.