The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Holidays

The holidays were very good. We were blessed on many, many levels. Our ward was so incredibly kind and generous to our family and I will never forget it. We also had a few other suprises that allowed us to do more for our family than we ever thought we would be able to. I've just been praying for months that we would make it to tax season and then things would get a little easier at least until Tyson graduates, then here's praying he can find a good/decent job that makes him happy and takes care of our family.

We also had my brother and sis-in-law from Arizona up to visit our family. It was so much fun to see them and spend time with them. I can't believe how big all their kids have gotten. It's also been fun to hang with my pregnant sil. She's about 2 months behind me and I am at least twice her size (though as of my last dr. appointment I've only put on 3 lbs this pregnancy, it was 5, but I actually lost 2, pretty proud of that!)

Other than that I've been taking lots of naps, I hit 28 weeks and I've just been so tired. I've still managed to keep up the laundry and make some dinners here and there, but Tyson has been great in picking up my slack even with all the insane work he's been doing, we are very much so looking forward to things slowing down after December. I've also managed to pretty much move our boys downstairs in preparation for the new baby and they are warming up to the idea. I still have a little bit left and then I'm looking forward to setting up my nursery. I really want to paint all the furniture so it matches, we'll see how that goes. The room is still predominately blue, and I'm not sure I can change that, I'd like to make it a little more neutral, but not sure I can afford the carpet right now. Lastly, I really can't believe I have around 10 weeks to go, this point last time I only had 4 and I'm frequently wondering how I survived it, which totally makes me feel like a baby right now! :)