The Peterson Family

The Peterson Family

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I've been a stay at home mommy for over 2 weeks now and I totally forgot how much I really enjoy it. I remember going back to work and it was kind of nice to get a break from the kids, but I really did miss this and I feel like my kids grew up so much while I wasn't around it's insane. I'm so glad to be home again. It is definitely my preference. It's not easy and I due to Tyson working so much more I'm definitely having to pick up the slack, he really is such a helpful person and he still can't go to bed if there are dishes in the sink, no matter what time he gets home.

Baby is doing good and as far as they can tell her feet are straight, I'm praying it stays that way. Not that I don't love Shriners, but I'm so looking forward to being done with them, as far as Jackson is concerned, next year. They really have been amazing and so supportive, it's just a drive. I don't mind this once every 9 months thing so much as I did the once a week thing. Anyways, Charlotte is right on track (actually a little ahead of schedule) and weighing in about almost 2 lbs. I'm holding to my theory that she's gonna be big.

Thanksgiving was fun, it was busy! Sometimes I wish Tyson's family and mine weren't so darn close. It's hard to have to go to everyone's house every holiday, it doesn't make for a particularily relaxing day. That said I'm holding Thanksgiving again on the 16th at my parents and my in-laws are coming. I really wanted a Thanksgiving with the food I want! Deep fried turkey (it really is amazing), real stuffing with sausage and probably mushrooms, we are doing English roasted potatoes (with a deep fried turkey it's kinda hard to do gravy and I swear they are the best potatoes ever), sweet potatos (probably along the lines of Texas Road House, already did my other for the regular holiday), corn casserole (never had it, but it was all over pinterest and I'm anxious to try it out), and a few other things here and there, oh and pie, homemade cream pies! Are you hungry yet?

I think we are done with our Christmas shopping (mostly because I major lack of self control yesterday) It's not going to be really anything big in our house (mostly due to lack of funds), but I think it will be nice and the boys should be pretty happy. It helps that they don't really understand the whole idea of presents yet. I don't think I'll be so lucky next year, but we'll see. One of the things they do understand is Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and Santa (well the decoration version anyways). I love that they are at an age where they are starting to understand holidays and get excited about them.

Well I think that's all for now, have a Merry Christmas if I don't get my act together to write before then.